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Office Syndrome Massage

Office Syndrome Massage

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A perfect way to release muscle pain for those working on the computer all day.
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Almost half of all office workers are suffering from neck & shoulder pain

A healthy body will lead to a healthy mind. Enjoy our Office Syndrome Massage weekly to not only improve your health but also your productivity. 

  • Reduce muscle pain

    Massages relieve pain by relaxing the muscles, preventing them from painful muscular spasms

  • Relieves migraines

    Muscle relaxation allows more blood to reach the brain, reducing headaches.

  • Improves your posture

    Massage helps muscles realign to their normal position, therefore, you straighten your posture.

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What's included in your service?

Private Locker

Private locker to keep all your personal belonging safe while you enjoy our services.

Shower Area

Have somewhere to go after the massage or body scrubs? Freshen up in our shower and vanity area.

Relax Room

Allow some time in our relax room after the procedure to recharge your energy.

Have a question? Let us help

Will I Be Sore After My Massage?

Massage therapy releases lactic acid from the muscles, which can cause a little temporary muscle soreness. The lactic acid crystallizes in your muscles after being worked out. That’s why it is important to drink plenty of water following a massage. You need to help hydrate the tissue and flush the toxins that are being released in your body.

I'm allergic to some ingredient of the massage oil. Can I change it?

Absoutely! Let us know in advance if there's an ingredient that you allergic to and we will recommend a subtitute.

What should I wear during the procedure?

We provide disposable underwear as well as a bathrobe for you. Please change into this comfortable clothing, this way, our technician can really work their magic and take care of your body. 

How often can I come back for the procedure?

Around once a week. You can schedule your spa day with all of our services. Now that's some serious self-love.

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