Improving your skin with Body Scrubs

Improving your skin with Body Scrubs

We tend to invest a lot of attention to the face to keep it looking fresh and radiant. But the skin on our body begs to differ. After all, not everyone can spend hours in the bathroom pampering their entire body every night, right? To solve this problem, Ukiyo® Spa has created Body Scrub, using local fruits and vegetables to safely exfoliate and nurture the skin.

1. What is Body Scrub?

Body Scrubs use a mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables; combine with the technique of skilled technicians, gently massage, exfoliate and help the skin absorb the best nutrients from nature.

Each treatment only takes about 60 minutes, but your skin will thank you for it, plus you’ll feel much more refreshed. At Ukiyo® Spa, you won't find complicated tools whatsoever, only the best ingredients and technicians' skills to bring in results. Simplicity yet efficiency is what we pursue.

2. Types of Body Scrubs: 

In order to cater to specific skin needs, Ukiyo® Spa has prepared different special combos.

  • Exfoliating: Potato - Pineapple - Orange - Tomato

If you've never experienced Body Scrubs before, this is the combo for you. After exfoliating the dead skin cells, the nutrients will be better absorbed, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. 

  • Moisturizing: Avocado - Banana - Coconut - Pumpkin

Everyone wants bouncy, glowy skin that makes people jealous. The scrubs from nutrient-rich ingredients will be the perfect choice for skin that needs to replenish moisture.

  • Brightening: Potato - Banana - Coconut - Pumpkin

Using natural ingredients, your skin will gradually become brighter. Ukiyo® Spa recommends using extra sunscreen and protecting your skin from the sun for more visible results. 

  • Acne Preventing: Fish Mint – Perilla Leaf - Potato

Active ingredients from Fish Mint will help reduce back acne and skin dullness. Use Body Scrubs every week to increasingly improved your skin condition.

3. What do you need to prepare for Body Scrubs?

Ukiyo Spa has prepared all the necessities. When you arrive, simply choose the combo that suits you and we'll take care of the rest. Immerse yourself in a relaxing space and enjoy some me-time. The technician will start the treatment with a gentle facial massage. Then, they add brown rice bran and nourishing oil to continue massaging and exfoliating the chest - hands - abdomen - back - legs.

4. Is Body Scrub for you?

If your skin is uneven, rough, dull, and lifeless, this is the treatment for you. Add Body Scrubs to your skincare routine for smooth and hydrated skin, because the body deserves the same care as the face.

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